The Blog of the Bear

Xiri - Jalapeno (says Ri)

Relenia - Watermelon (says Ri)

Ciran - Potato (says Ri)

Iain - Banana (says Ri)

Rhea - Avocado (says Ri)

Canan - Sugar cane (says Ri)

Soria - Cinnamon bun (says Sn’Appel’on)

Beliaz - Buttered toast (says Sn’Appel’on)

Zuan - Burnt toast (…I can’t remember if this was me or Sn’Appel’on) (explains why he’s such a grouch; they left him in the toaster too long) 

Numismatist and the puppy - both are marshmallow peeps (says me and Sn’Appel’on)

You may have noticed a rather glaring omission. Why no OK?

Well, there is a food for him (theeverchangingname thought of it); she stuck it behind a “read more” and I took one look at it and went, “That’s almost an actual spoiler!” So for now, I’m omitting him.

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