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Procrastinated going to bed last night and procrastinating getting ready for work this morning.

Because this food thing needs to go far.

Snowe - snowcone (says Ri)

Astra - apple (says Ri)

Erio - pretzel (says Sn’Appel’on)

Hiante - orange (says Sn’Appel’on)

Richard - chocolate chip cookie (says Sn’Appel’on)

Vera - sugar cookie (says Sn’Appel’on)

River - sweetest chocolatey-chip of a sugar cookie (says Sn’Appel’on) (River might be a bit young for cookies and she’s looking at this thing going “is it something you play with and throw at Dad’s head”)

Edgar - muffin (says Flitter) (the one that started it all!)

Lina - cupcake (says Sn’Appel’on)

I still think it’s hilarious that all of this madness started because Ri censored dialogue when she was reading Erio’s lines out loud.

So it’s all Ri’s fault!

Or maybe it’s Erio’s fault since it was his dialogue she was reading.

Or maybe it’s CERTAIN CHARACTER’s fault.

Or maybe it’s my fault because I was the one who actually said “muffin” first. (Which makes me wonder if it’s Hiante’s fault because it was his line I was reading when I said “muffin”!)

Or maybe it’s the fault of whoever invented the muffin.

I’m going to blame the inventor of the muffin.

If not for you, o inventor of the muffin, we would not be here right now.

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